DVD: Thomas & Friends - Here comes the Steam Team!

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Thomas & Friends: Here Comes the Steam Team [DVD]

Collection of episodes from the children's animation following tank engine Thomas (voice of John Hasler) and his locomotive friends. In these episodes, Thomas competes with Hong-Mei (Chipo Chung) in a race to find out which of them is the number one engine, Nia (Yvonne Grundy) helps out Gordon (Keith Wickham) when he is feeling sad and Thomas gets lost in the outback. The episodes are: 'Confusion Without Delay', 'What Rebecca Does', 'Number One Engine', 'Trusty Trunky', 'Forever and Ever', 'Outback Thomas' and 'The Case of the Puzzling Parts'.

 Speelduur: ca. 107 minuten - Engels gesproken.

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